Foxhollow Farm   8905 Highway 329  Crestwood,KY40014   (502) 241-9674
Foxhollow Farm
8905 Highway 329
CrestwoodKY 40014
 (502) 241-9674

Reviews Of Foxhollow Farm

4.71 235 Reviews
Jeremy Christ
May 22, 2018

Will Terry
May 14, 2018

Fox Hollow Farms went out of their way to help me get the meat I wanted. They consistently followed up, were friendly throughout and it was just an overall great experience. I'm looking forward to cooking the beef ribs they got for me!

Brandon Noe
May 01, 2018

Paul Hancock
Apr 08, 2018

Samantha Jo
Apr 06, 2018

I love my subscription service and truly appreciate having the best beef on hand when I need it.

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